Written in stone

U-Lump draws inspiration from its territory and its history, a story written in stone. Stone opened this land, Sardinia, to new horizons and creative spaces since humankind extracted obsidian, a precious volcanic glass. Our people, Sardinians, travelled to distant locations and got in contact with foreign cultures to hand the material used to produce blades, weapons and jewellery.

Body and soul

Daniele and Gianfranco, body and soul of u-Lump, inherit this important tradition to replicate 5000 years of history. Their roots are tied to stones, being sons of stonemasons and their parents being also children of stonemasons. u-Lump continues a tradition and at the same time establishes a new starting point. Similarly as it was in the prehistoric Sardinian when the Sardinian stone reached unknown destinations, U-Lump today enters the most exclusive homes and the most important offices worldwide.

U-LUMP, a new concept

We can no longer be the creators. Our hands, our experience now need your ideas and your creativity. Starting from a single block (lump) as pixels of a digital image, we transform your vision into reality while sharing your challenges and your goals. Each project becomes very precious because every idea is unique and unique is the way to resolve it.

What we do

We build lamps, bodies of light with a unique soul. Unique because we want the work you commission us to feel special to you, being the result of the creativity of our clients. We work with designers and individuals who want style, exclusivity, luxury and elegance. U-Lump is a source of light that is created by hand from the most basic elements of stone (lump).